Location of RENTeGO Apartments

When proposed an accommodation in Prague, make sure where you will be. Some hotels are in Prague but 8 kilometres from the centre… All our apartments are within a maximum of 10 minutes by walking from the most famous sights (Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, The Castle, and Wenceslas Square) in the city centre (Prague 1). It is important because in Prague sights and fun places are concentrated in this small area which is best explored by walking- without wasting too much time in a car or public transportation – not to speak about taxis!

1. Loreta 7. Kinsky 13. Lili 19. Masaryk
2. Nova 8. Kampa 2 14. Kaprova 20. Moldau
3. Mala 9. Kundera 15. Rudolfinum 21. Smetana
4. Ujezd 10. Violet 16. Synagoga 22. Klimt, Dalia
5. Prima 11. Karolina 17. Rosa  
6. Minka 12. Klara 18. Roxy